Welcome to the IDA Investigations Unit.  Indiana Private Investigator License Number PI21400003.  Operating throughout the State of Indiana and beyond.

Please review our list of services and contact us immediately for a confidential Free Consultation.  For your convenience, we are open daily, around the clock.

Investigative Services/Specialties:

  • Missing Persons
  • Interview/Interrogation  (Victim/Witness/Suspect)
  • Proof of Life  (Alive & Wellness Checks)
  • People Locates  (Friends/Family/Birth Parents/Employees/Etc.)
  • Local Emergency Contact (Providing A Variety of Services 24/7)
  • Personal Travel Escort  (High Risk/Special Needs/Minors)
  • General Investigation Services  (Legal/Civil/Criminal/Corporate/Undercover)
  • Surveillance  (Stationary/Mobile/Vehicle)
  • Background Checks
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Asset Searches
  • Personal Protection Services (incidental to investigations)
  • DNA Collection/Profiling/Processing (Buccal/Cheek Swabs)
  • Service of Process (Delivery of Legal Documents)
  • Additional Services  As Directed By Client (Any Legitimate Professional Assignment, Anytime/Anywhere)


Phone: 800-263-1575
Email: Consultation @

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